Dress Code Information

The “Dress Code” Policy was an idea that was initiated by parents. We are proud of how stakeholders participated in the process. The many discussions were passionate, respectful and focused on the well-being and education of our students.


The East Haven Public Schools has created a “Code of Conduct” that will prepare our students with the knowledge and strategies for success. It is our belief that a “Dress Code” is one of the key components in creating a positive learning environment where high standards for academic achievement and career readiness can be achieved for our students.

K-8 students who attend East Haven Public Schools are to follow the Dress Code Policy. It is the responsibility of Parents, School Administration, and Staff to ensure that students are in compliance each school day.

Dress Code Statement

The East Haven Public Schools believe that student academic and social success will thrive in a safe and positive-learning environment. A standard of dress is one positive strategy to meet our District’s goals.

The EHPS Dress Code is based on the following principles:

  • creating a safe environment

  • developing self-confidence

  • reducing negative competition

  • being cost-effective

  • maintaining a focus on teaching and learning

  • developing and preserving a community of learners

  • generating/sustaining a positive school spirit

It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to ensure that their children’s dress conforms to the requirements set forth below. The health, safety, and education of the child must be the concern of every parent/legal guardian. It is the recommendation of professional school personnel that parents/guardians hold their children to the highest standards in regard to school attire.