EHPS Tryout Procedures

Pre-Season Tryouts and Requirements

We are pleased that you are contemplating to be a candidate for one of our East Haven Public Schools athletic programs. Before you start, there are some important things that you should understand.

It is important that you know that in some sports there is a need to make cuts which is one of the more unpleasant tasks a coach has to do, but is necessary to reduce a squad to a workable size. Before deciding to be a candidate, you and your parents must be prepared to accept the possibility you may not be selected. The Coaches are the sole judges of all candidates. Before you can become involved in a sport, you must:

1. All JMMS & EHA student athletes wishing to tryout for Athletics must complete all online forms utilizing PowerSchool Athletic Instructions (English/Spanish) Additionally, JMMS & EHA students must submit page one of the Middle School Sports Packet at least one week prior to tryouts. Here is the link for the packets: Sports Packet

2. All High School student athletes wishing to tryout or condition for EHPS Athletics must complete a comprehensive athletic participation registration via Powerschool. Here is the link for instructions: PowerSchool Athletic Instructions (English/Spanish)

3. All athletes must have a yearly physical examination. The physical examination covers all sports and is valid for a 13 month period. All physicals must be submitted to the school nurse two week prior to tryouts. Physical may only be given to the school nurse or ATC.

4. All athletes must be academically eligible. Please refer to the 15 point checklist for eligibility. The Principal and Athletic Director both reserve the right to deny athletic eligibility based on a case by case basis.

5. Once all forms are completed, please email the coach of the team you are interested in trying out. The coach will be able to answer all question regarding tryouts, practices and requirements. Here is the link for Coaches Directory: Coaching Directory


· Enrolled in five full time courses. Homeschooled students are not eligible.

· Passing in four full time courses and not failing more than one core class.

· Earned four credits toward graduation in the preceding school year

· Is an enrolled student in the school for which playing

· Has never dropped out of school

· Has not changed schools without parents moving to another school district or school service area

· Has not played more than three seasons of the same sport after entering grade ten

· Has not played more than eight consecutive semesters or four consecutive years of the same sport after entering grade nine

· Has not turned 20 years of age prior to July 1 of this school year

· Has not played or practiced the sport with another team during the high school season for the sport

· Has not been on more than one school team in the same season nor represented more than one school in the same season at

the same time

· Has not received a salary or personal economic gain for playing the sport or competed under an assumed name

· Is not a member of a school team of the opposite gender (boy on a girls team)

· Has not been recruited to attend this high school for athletic purposes

· Is a foreign exchange student registered with the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel