East Haven Public Schools Athletic Department

Anthony Verderame- Director of Athletics

Van Nastri- Athletic Secretary

Marc Aceto- Head Athletic Trainer

Jason Pierce- Athletic Facilitator

About East Haven Athletics

Athletic Participation . . .“A Privilege”

It is important for students and parents to realize participation in the East Haven Public Schools athletic program is not a right of all students, but rather a privilege which is afforded to those selected individuals who possess the ability, attitude, disposition, cooperative spirit, and desire to represent the student body and school community in a manner which reflects favorably upon the reputation of our Schools. Athletics at the High School and the Middle School is completely voluntary and no student is obligated to take part. Also, athletic participation is not a prerequisite for college entrance.

However, there are special standards and expectations in the areas of academics, citizenship, training rules, and sportsmanship which must be complied with by the participants, and it is essential that student-athletes and parents be thoroughly familiar with all rules and regulations governing athletic participation. Furthermore, as with all privileges, it is important to remember the school reserves the right to revoke the privilege of any participant who does not conduct himself/herself in an acceptable manner.

We take great pride in the East Haven Public Schools athletic program and invite all students who are willing to accept its philosophy to be candidates for our athletic teams.


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Good Luck to all the fall athletes in their upcoming season!!

East Haven has a new Youtube channel that will stream some of East Haven Public School's athletic events. See link below.

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Doreen Alberino

Girls Tennis

East Haven Athlete's Athletic Accomplishments for 2020-2021 Sports Seasons:

All State Awards

Isabella Pilato- Girls Soccer (First Team)

Norah Rome- Girls Swimming (Honorable Mention)

Cam Grillo- Hockey (First Team)

Taylor Salato- Girls Basketball (First Team)

Hethon Foster- Boys Swimming (First Team)

Brendan Conners- Boys Swimming (First Team)

Victoria Heaphy- Softball (First Team)

Alice Stettinger- Girls Outdoor Track (First Team in Javelin)

Kisha Francois- Girls Outdoor Track (First Team in 100m, 200m and Long Jump)

All Area New Haven Register Awards

Norah Rome- Girls Swimming

Isabella Pilato- Girls Soccer

Kisha Francois- Indoor Track

Victoria Heaphy- Softball

SCC Awards


Connecticut Orthopaedics Urgent Care/SCC 2020 Fall Player of the Year:

Norah Rome- Girls Swimming Division 2

Connecticut Orthopaedics Urgent Care/SCC 2020 Fall Coach of the Year:

Jake Hackett- Girls Soccer Division B


All-Division C:

Carly Cordova

Victoria Heaphy

Taylor Salato

Boys Soccer:

All-Division B:

Luis Agudelo

Victor Calvillo

Girls Soccer:

All-Division B:

Angelina Munoz

Isabella Pilato

Emily Pycela

Girls Swimming:


Norah Rome- 200 Freestyle and 500 Freestyle

ALL-Division II:

Julia Rosado, Alora McCarroll, Jung Joo Kim, Norah Rome- 200 Medley Relay

Norah Rome- 200 Freestyle

Jung Joo Kim- 200 IM

Julia Rosado- 50 Freestyle

Jung Joo Kim- 100 Butterfly

Norah Rome- 500 Freestyle

Julia Rosado- 100 Backstroke

Jung Joo Kim, Kim Kate, Julia Rosado, Norah Rome- 400 Freestyle Relay



ALL-SCC Division II:

Cam Grillo (First Team)

Girls Basketball:

ALL-SCC East Division:

Erin Curran

Taylor Salato

Boys Basketball:

ALL-SCC East Division:

Ian Reynolds

Nick Furino

Boys and Girls Indoor Track:


Kisha Francois

Jessica Urban

Radames Figueroa



Sophia Speringo

Antonia Torello

SCC Cheerleader Merit Award:

Ashley Lynch


****Girls Outdoor Track team wins SCC West****



Nick Furino (Second Team)

Ryan Vallie (Second Team)



Magdalena Barthel (First Team)

Victoria Heaphy (First Team)

Jilien Ayala (Second Team)

Emilee Bishop (Second Team)

Samantha Franceschi (Second Team)

Girls Outdoor Track:


Kisha Francois (First Team in 100 and 200 meters)

Alice Stettinger (First Team in Javelin)

Kisha Francois (Second Team in Long Jump)

Morgan D'Auria (Second Team in Triple Jump)

SCC Scholar Athletes Awards


Victoria Heaphy- Volleyball

Larry Mingione- Football


Kisha Francois- Indoor Track

Mathew DiVito- Wrestling


Siya Patel- Girls Tennis

Gabe Olszewski- Boys Tennis

East Haven Football's Website

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On-line Eligibility Information

Parents and Athletes:

Please click on the link below to sign up for East Haven on-line eligibility. Any question please contact me at maceto@east-haven.k12.ct.us or (203)468-3813. Thank You!


MANDATORY END DATE(S) for completion:

Fall Athletes- August 16, 2021

Winter Athletes- November 29, 2021

Spring Athletes- March 21, 2022

Instructions located in Sportsware On-line Instructions Tab at the top of Athletics website.

Kisha Francios- 2021 COS/SCC Girls

Outdoor Track Player of the Year

Norah Rome- 2020 COS/SCC Girls Swimming Division 2 Player of the Year

Jake Hackett- 2020 COS/SCC Girls Soccer Division B Coach of the Year

Makenzie Helms- 2018-2019 COS/SCC Girls Basketball Player of the Year

Kylie Schlottman- 2017-2018 COS/SCC Girls Basketball Player of the Year

Congratulations to East Haven's Olivia Coyle on Comeback Player of the Year for the SCC

Congratulations to East Haven's Gabby Lamberti on Comeback Player of the Year for the SCC