Covid-19 Athletic Information:

2/18/22: CIAC Updated COVID-19 Guidance:

1/11/22: CIAC Winter Sports Plan Updated:

12/22/21: CIAC Winter Sports Plan Updated:

11/22/21: CIAC WInter Sports Plan Updated:

9/9/21: CSDE Addendum 5: Interim Guidance for Responding to COVID-19 in CT School Districts

8/12/21: CIAC Fall 2021 COVID Sports Guidance

4/23/21: CIAC Spring Sports Plan Updated: Changes to quarantine guidelines

3/11/21: CIAC Spring Sports Plan

2/18/21: CIAC February Update for Winter and Spring Sports

1/18/21: EHPS Winter Sports Guidelines

1/14/21: CIAC Board of Control Approves Winter Sports

CIAC Updated Winter Sports Update

1/7/21: CIAC Board of Control Update

11/23/20: CT DPH Updated Guidelines on Sports

11/17/20: CIAC Winter Sports Update

CIAC Updated Fall Sports Plan:

9/16/20: CIAC Football Board of Control Update:

9/11/20: CIAC Mitigation Strategies Document for DPH:

9/4/20: CIAC Update on Fall sports regarding to DPH and Football/Volleyball:

8/30/20: CIAC Update to resume fall sports in cohorts:

8/23/20: CIAC Update:

8/21/20: CIAC Press Release:

EHPS Athletes-- use this link for reference of best practices for COVID prevention

EHPS Coaches COVID Procedures usp=sharing

NFHS COVID-19 Coaches and Administrators Educational Course (Free)

Connecticut Covid Travel Advisory:

COVID Fall Sports Overview
CIAC Approved Individual Sport Overview