Anthony Verderame - Director of PE & Athletics

Van Nastri - Athletic Secretary
Marc Aceto, Athletic Trainer
Jason Pierce, Athletic Aide

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About East Haven Athletics

Athletic Participation . . .“A Privilege”

It is important for students and parents to realize participation in the East Haven Public Schools athletic program is not a right of all students, but rather a privilege which is afforded to those selected individuals who possess the ability, attitude, disposition, cooperative spirit, and desire to represent the student body and school community in a manner which reflects favorably upon the reputation of our Schools. Athletics at the High School and the Middle School is completely voluntary and no student is obligated to take part. Also, athletic participation is not a prerequisite for college entrance.
However, there are special standards and expectations in the areas of academics, citizenship, training rules, and sportsmanship which must be complied with by the participants, and it is essential that student athletes and parents be thoroughly familiar with all rules and regulations governing athletic participation. Furthermore, as with all privileges, it is important to remember the school reserves the right to revoke the privilege of any participant who does not conduct himself/herself in an acceptable manner.
We take great pride in the East Haven Public Schools athletic program and invite all students who are willing to accept its philosophy to be candidates for our athletic teams.

Good sportsmanship is expected of all spectators at any athletic contest involving an East Haven High School athletic team. Being a good sport at a high school athletic contest means supporting our teams in a positive manner and respecting our opponents by not making negative comments about them or their performance. Being a good sport means not being confrontational with the fans of the other team. Being a good sport means accepting the decisions of the officials.

Attendance at athletic contests is a privilege that can be revoked by school administrators or the athletic director. Spectators who do not demonstrate positive sportsmanship will be removed from the facility by supervisors or police and may lose their privilege to attend future athletic events. Spectators whose behavior is particularly offensive may be subject to arrest and prosecution. THIS REGULATION APPLIES TO ALL CONTESTS BOTH HOME AND AWAY INVOLVING EAST HAVEN HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETIC TEAMS.