East Haven High School Athletic Department

                    Anthony Verderame- Director of Athletics

                                  Van Nastri-  Athletic Secretary
                                  Marc Aceto- Head Athletic Trainer
                                  Jason Pierce- Athletic Facilitator

About East Haven Athletics

Athletic Participation . . .“A Privilege”

It is important for students and parents to realize participation in the East Haven Public Schools athletic program is not a right of all students, but rather a privilege which is afforded to those selected individuals who possess the ability, attitude, disposition, cooperative spirit, and desire to represent the student body and school community in a manner which reflects favorably upon the reputation of our Schools. Athletics at the High School and the Middle School is completely voluntary and no student is obligated to take part. Also, athletic participation is not a prerequisite for college entrance.
However, there are special standards and expectations in the areas of academics, citizenship, training rules, and sportsmanship which must be complied with by the participants, and it is essential that student athletes and parents be thoroughly familiar with all rules and regulations governing athletic participation. Furthermore, as with all privileges, it is important to remember the school reserves the right to revoke the privilege of any participant who does not conduct himself/herself in an acceptable manner.
We take great pride in the East Haven Public Schools athletic program and invite all students who are willing to accept its philosophy to be candidates for our athletic teams.

Congratulations to John Kikosicki (Baseball) and Allie Luzzi (Softball) for EH's Athletes of the month for May! 

Congratulations to EHHS Softball on 2015 Class L State Champions!!  Alison Luzzi MVP.

Varsity Softball wins  Oronoque Division!!!  First time in school history undefeated in the division.

Congratulations to Gabby Lamberti on being selected by Connecticut Orthopedic Specialist comeback player of the year!

East Haven School District's Kids Walk is going to take place at the Back to School picnic.  The picnic is scheduled for September 19, 2015 at 10 am.

The 2015 Class L Softball State Champions

East Haven Athlete's Athletic Accomplishments:

John Kikosicki - All-state for Baseball
Allie Luzzi- All-state for Softball

All SCC Oronoque:
John Kikosicki- Baseball
Jena Villecco- Softball
Allie Luzzi- Softball
Giovanna Russo- Softball
Laura Anderson- Softball

Rob Proto/Anthony Perrotti- Men's Double Tennis

Congratulations to Jena Villecco on GameTime's Monday star for June 8, 2015.  Hit game winning double to help the Easties Softball team advance to State final game.  

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 Parents and Athletes:
    Please click on the link below to sign up for East Haven on-line eligibility.  Any question please contact me at maceto@east-haven.k12.ct.us or (203)468-3813.  Thank You!


MANDATORY END DATE(S) for completion:
Fall Athletes- August 3, 2015
Winter Athletes- November, 16, 2015
Spring Athletes- March 10, 2016

Instructions located in Sportsware On-line eligibility tab on the Left hand side under EH Athletic Department


   Male Athlete Of the Month

John Kikosicki
Female Athlete of the Month

Allison Luzzi

Kids Challenge 2015 flyer

EHHS Athletic Schedules

Congratulations to East Haven's Gabby Lamberti on Comeback Player of the Year for the SCC