Pole accessibility, Bell systems and type of cabling

Post date: Jan 21, 2014 2:46:32 PM

Q - At the High School where paging is required outsideā€¦ is there a pole accessible via conduit for the outside speaker?

A - No not to our knowledge

Q - Are the current Bell Systems in the Classrooms or in the Hallways?

A - It's a mix between schools.

Q - Is it possible to list the Current Manufacturers of the Paging Systems at each school?

A - We do not have the manufactures of the current paging sytems at each school. That information was available during the walk-through. It will be available during the next walk-through on Friday.

Q - What type of Cabling should be bid: PVC or Plenum?

A - Cable choice should probably come down to the location of the speaker or phone. It could be both PVC or plenum.