E-Rate application question

Post date: Jan 25, 2014 7:52:42 PM

Q - My question concerns the e-rate application on the Kellogg & Sovereign Consulting web site. I see that there are certain e-rate funding categories that you have applied for in the proposal. As we are filling this out, I have noticed that there are e-rated services that we wish to propose for this bid, that are not on this application. For instance the POTS lines for the security system falls under “Telephone Service” as a Priority 1 eligible service for e-rate but it is not on the bid process.Can you just let us know if we should not deviate our e-rate funding proposals from what is currently up on this site?

A - You should meet the guidelines of the RFP. However, we are looking for good ideas, too. So please include your ideas in addition to the minimum guidelines of the RFP. It will be noted on the grading portion of the RFP.