Student Registration


We welcome you and your child to East Haven Public Schools where our mission is to provide a variety of learning experiences and a rigorous, comprehensive education in a safe and nurturing environment to prepare all students to be college or career ready!

As of April 23, 2020 you can complete new and returning student registration, including Kindergarten registration online for the 2020-2021 school year. You can call Central Office at 203-468-3261 if you are unsure which school your child will attend.

If your child currently attends East Haven preschool at Overbrook School or Deer Run School or East Haven High School, your child will need to be registered as a 'RETURNING STUDENT' with a SNAPCODE. SNAPCODE letters were mailed out to current East Haven Preschool families on April 24, 2020. Please ensure you select 'RETURNING STUDENT' registration if your child has ever attended preschool through East Haven Public Schools or if they have attended a magnet school or a vocational school while residing in East Haven. If you do not have a SNAPCODE to register your returning student please call the Central Office secretary at 203-468-3261 to get your child's SNAPCODE.

There will be multiple ways to submit required documentation to complete registration during the COVID-19 shut down. Please upload as many documents as you are able to in the online registration. You will also be able to fax, email and mail documents to your child's school. Please be sure to write your child's name and grade on any documents you mail, email or fax to the school. Please be sure to confirm with the school secretary that the documents have been received. Thank you in advance for working with us to establish and keep the lines of communication strong during this challenging time of social distancing.

Please use the resources available on this page to help guide you through the registration process.

We thank you for entrusting us with your most precious asset and we look forward to building a partnership with you.

How do I register my child?

Student Registration

Questions about the new registration process.

Do I have to register my child online?

Yes. If you do not have a computer or mobile device you can come in to the school to register. However, you will still be registering with a computer at the school. If able, we encourage you to register your child at home.

Is my PowerSchool Registration account different than my PowerSchool Parent Portal account?

Yes. You will have two accounts. One for PowerSchool Registration and another for PowerSchool Parent Portal. However, you may use the same email address/password for both accounts.

I noticed that there is a section to upload documents such as mortgage documents or pieces of mail. Do I have to upload the documents electronically or can I fill them out and bring hard copies to the school?

We encourage you to upload as many documents as you can electronically. If you are unable to, please bring hard copies to your child's school. However, your child's Health Form must be brought in to the school. Please CLICK HERE to download a copy of the Health Form or visit your child's school or doctors office for a copy.

I have two students entering the East Haven Public Schools. Do I register them both at the same time?

Yes. You will create a new PowerSchool Registration account and register one child first. Then, to register the second child, click the "Register My Child" button at the top of the page, sign in with the PowerSchool Registration account you created to register the first child and register the second child.

What do I do if I am registering a student and there is a Court order regarding guardianship, custody or a restraining order concerning my child, or the child I am the legal guardian of?

If there is legal paperwork that pertains to the student, i.e. custody, temporary and/or permanent guardianship, restraining order, it is imperative you provide the school with a copy of the order.