To the East Haven Public School Family:

This year will mark the beginning of transformation as we begin to take initiative and act upon our mission of "providing a variety of learning experiences and a rigorous comprehensive education in a safe and nurturing environment preparing our young people to be both college and career ready.

What does this mean for our District?

  • Embedding Common Core State Standards in our English Language Arts and Mathematics classes, as well as across other content areas; 
  • Using a variety of ‘effective’ instructional practices to help our students master these standards; 
  • Improving the rigor of our academic courses at all levels; 
  • Focusing on reading and mathematics at the elementary level; 
  • Building the STEM Program and Visual and Performing Arts Program from Pre-K to 12 
  • Challenging our students to think critically, problem-solve, and to communicate their thinking in a variety of ways by providing numerous opportunities across the content areas. 
  • Creating a "safe" environment where students feel connected, valued for their diversity, and seen as a positive contributor to the school community.

How do we achieve this?

This comes with "us" working together for the "good" of the whole. Let's change the image of East Haven Public Schools as a place where academic rigor, critical thinking and high expectation is the culture.

I whole-heartedly believe that anything can be achieved if we put our minds to it. Believe with me.


Dr. Portia S. Bonner

Superintendent of Schools