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Forms for Current Employees

Below is a list of forms for current employees. Click on the link to go directly to a particular form. All forms are in Adobe Acrobat (.PDF) format.

Most forms are editable online.  Use the "Tab" key to move between fields while completing a form. Please complete the form and sign where required prior to mailing or faxing. If you fax the form, please mail the hard copy so that we have your original signature.

All forms should be returned to the Human Resources Office for processing.

Our Mailing address is:
Human Resources
35 Wheelbarrow Lane
East Haven, CT 06513

Our fax number is: 203-468-3918

Our phone number is: 203-468-3951

Insurance Forms
Anthem Reimbursement/Claim Form
Anthem Enrollment Form
Anthem Waiver of Coverage Form
Medicare Creditable Coverage Notice-2018

Health Savings Account Forms
(the premium cost shares are listed on page 2)
2018 Payroll Deduction Form-Teachers Union 
2018 Payroll Deduction Form-Administrators Union
2018-Payroll Deduction Form-Custodian/Maintenance
2018-Payroll Deduction Form-Full-time Security Guards
2018-Payroll Deduction Form-Part-time Security Guards
2018 Payroll Deduction Form-Mid-Management
2018 Payroll Deduction Form-Individual Contracts
2018 Payroll Deduction Form-Technicians Union
2018 Payroll Deduction Form-Secretaries Union
2018 Payroll Deduction Form-Part-time Paraprofessionals
2018 Payroll Deduction Form-Full-time Paraprofessionals
2018 Nurses premium cost share information

Flexible Spending Account Forms
FSA Enrollment Form 
Dependent Care Claim Form
Dependent Care Flyer
Wageworks Quick Start Guide
Wageworks Website Registration Information
Eligible Expenses Flyer
2018/2019 Quick Start Guide

FMLA Rights and Responsibilities
FMLA Request Form-Employee
FMLA Request Form-Caregiver

Payroll Forms
State Tax Form-2018
Federal Tax Form-2018
Multiple Direct Deposit Form (include voided check with form)
Mileage Reimbursement Form-2018
EHPS Hourly Time Sheet

Pension Forms
Teachers Retirement Board Beneficiary Change Form
Teachers Retirement Board Name/Address Change Form
Municipal Employees Retirement Fund Enrollment/Change Form
TRB Handbook

403(b)-457-Tax Shelter Information
Participating Tax Shelter Companies
Omni Information Packet
Omni Announcement

Life Insurance Forms
Met Life Beneficiary Change Form

Payroll Calendars
2018-2019 School Year Pay dates 

Kelly Services Substitute System
Employee Guide
Administrator Guide

Workers Compensation Information
PMA Guide/Provider Directory-updated 1/2018

Information Changes
Employee Information Change Form
Demographic Update Form