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No Child Left behind

No Child Left Behind (NCLB): Click Here

Supplemental Educational Services

Parents!  Your child may be eligible for free tutoring in reading through the program called Supplemental Educational Services or SES.  Your child may qualify for extra academic help if he or she is eligible for free or reduced-priced lunch and attends a school in need of improvement year 2.  Trained instructors will work with your child, and you can choose a tutoring provider that meets your child's needs.  For more information regarding SES and a list of providers that service East Haven: Click Here

The open enrollment window to sign your child up for SES closes on December 11, 2009.

School Choice

The following link provides information regarding school choice under NCLB guidelines. 
School Choice: Click Here

Title One Enrollment Option

The Title I Enrollment Option of the East Haven Public Schools is designed to comply with a provision of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2002.  The law provides parents of students in certain federally funded Title I schools with the option either to keep their children enrolled in the home school or seek enrollment in a designated school.  This option applies only if their home school has not demonstrated two years of sustained improvement in student performance.

The Connecticut State Department of Education identifies certain federally funded Title I schools as eligible for the enrollment option.  The identification is made on the basis of two consecutive years of declining scores on the Connecticut Mastery Test Program.  The State Department of Education uses CMT results and average daily attendance to determine an overall composite score for each school.  Yearly, parents will be informed if the schools their children attend do not meet the requirements of achievement and the school in deemed to be “in need of improvement.”

In accordance with the provisions of the Reauthorized Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 2001 and state and local policies and procedures, East Haven Public Schools has developed and maintained a public school choice plan for those schools receiving federal Title I funds.  The general provisions of the school choice plan designed for those Title I schools that have had two or more years in need of improvement and fail to meet yearly progress are provided for in accordance with federal law and state regulations.

An explanation of what the designation “in need of improvement” means and how the school compares in terms of achievement to other elementary and secondary will be provided to all parents on the district’s website at 

All students in schools that fail to make “adequate yearly progress” after identification must be provided with the option to transfer to another public school within the district with transportation provided by the system.  The Superintendent or his/her designee will determine to which school(s) a student may transfer based on transportation patterns and space availability.  Students shall be allowed to continue to attend the school to which they transferred until they have completed the highest grade in that school.  Transportation will be provided at district expense for as long as the sending school is “in need of improvement” status; however, once a school is removed from the list of “in need of improvement” schools then the parent(s) and/or guardian will be required to provide transportation or the student will transfer back to their assigned school.  If the number of students who can transfer is limited, the students with the lowest standardized achievement scores will be allowed to transfer first.